One Giant Leap, by Glenn Cassidy

Ellen T. Johnston-Hale Contest for Light Verse, 2010 Honorable Mention

Glenn Cassidy
One Giant Leap

Have you ever rubber-band stretched a metaphor
til it wrapped around the globe
and circled back upon itself,
over and over and over itself
til the literal and the ‘phorical crossed
fie and six and sevenical
and the giant elastic ball got loose
and bounded down the stairs?

Have you ever taffy-pulled a metaphor
til as thin as a strand of human hair,
til it sagged and taffy-sugary-stuck itself
to dirt and lint and ants?
Have you ever surgically enhanced a metaphor
til as tight as Joan Rivers’ cheeks
til it brought smooth and shiny youth
to a wrinkly old idea?

If you were to bungee-jump a metaphor
til your nose was kissing sand,
would you grasp at the purchaseless air
or trust that soon enough you’d stand
once more on dictionary bedrock?
Would you let pitch and color and meaning
swirl Peter Max-like round your head?
Could you take that giant leap for metaphor,
without fear the cord may shred?

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