Autumn Afternoon, by Janet Ireland Trail

2010 Charles Shull Contest for Traditional Poetry, Honorable Mention

Autumn Afternoon
by Janet Ireland Trail

My cat by my side, and a cup of tea,
I sit pondering by the warm window.
On my lap, a closed book of poetry.
Outside, shadows beneath setting-sun’s glow.
I watch the leaves fade from a vibrant green —
Becoming red, orange, yellow, then brown.
Thick, intricate shapes that could once be seen —
Shrinking, breaking, now compost for new ground.
Seeing my image in a mirror nearby,
A strange woman’s reflection I perceive:
Graying hair, wrinkled skin, tired aging eyes.
I turn again to watch the dying leaves;
And now, before my night’s nap, I infer
That I, like them, have become October.


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