Log Cabin Quilt Sonnet, by Kristie Darling

2010 Charles Shull Contest for Traditional Poetry, Third Place

Log Cabin Quilt Sonnet
by Kristie Darling

Small fabric flags become straight walls, in time;
built ’round by women fearing winter’s chill.
With chinking threads, join colors dull, and I’m
spun home among warm patches, even still.
Hot irons press blocks from past day’s cotton dress
to corners, floors and chimney, models life.
These are the pioneers whose stitches blessed
their home, our hearts, each day through numbing strife.
Our frugal mothers saved the scraps so long,
created comfort quilts to warm the night.
Gold inner hearth around was blazing song,
bright heat that held each soul in family light.
I sleep beneath love manifest as cloth.
And pull you near me as with flame and moth.


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